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Service & Repairs

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Your Trusted Jewelry and Watch Repair 

At Lu'Ro Jewelers, we encourage our customers to relish and proudly wear their jewelry on a regular basis. We recognize the profound sentimental value your jewelry holds, and your desire to maintain it in impeccable condition. To cater to this, we extend top-tier, in-house maintenance and repair services for all fine jewelry and watches.

We offer maintenance and repair services to all customers, regardless of where the jewelry was originally purchased. Feel free to bring any items requiring servicing or repair, and we'll provide you with a quick free of charge quote!

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Jewelry Repairs

-Ring Sizing 


-Rettiping & Repronging

-Stone Setting

-Stone Tighting

-Stone Replacement

-Ring Soldering

-Chain repairs

-Rhodium Plating (dipping)

-Gold/Silver Jewelry repair

Watch repair

-Watch Battery Replacement

-Watch Band Adjustment

-Full Watch Service/Overhaul

-Crystal Repair

-Stem and Crown Repair

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