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Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Visit Lu'Ro Jewelers and meet with one of our skilled design experts and transform your vision into reality. Our designers will dedicate the necessary time to bring your concepts to fruition. What initially began as a notion or a swift sketch will swiftly evolve into the enduring custom masterpiece you've always envisioned. We'll guide you through each stage, from the initial sketches to the moment you have the unique, one-of-a-kind piece in your hands.

Custom step 1.webp

STEP 1: Design

The journey commences with an idea: the designer will present a sketch of the jewelry piece. This crucial step ensures alignment among everyone involved, from the design team to the jeweler. It's the pivotal stage where intricate details are determined, including the required materials, dimensions, color scheme, and other specifications.

STEP 2: Wax Model

After receiving approval for the design, we can move onto the prototype stage, which acts as the cornerstone for the jewelers to bring the piece to life. The jeweler will create a wax model, either through 3D printing from a CAD design or by hand carving it, to serve as the initial reference point. This wax model serves as the essential template to initiate the physical construction of the jewelry piece.

was carving 2.jpeg

STEP 3: Casting

Next in line is the jewelry casting process. The jeweler will pour molten metal into the wax models to conform to the design.

STEP 4: Stone Setting

If your jewelry features gemstones, this is the phase where the jeweler meticulously positions and securely sets the stones into the designated setting, be it prong, bezel, pave, or another specified style.

stone setting.png

STEP 5: Polishing

Finally, the jeweler adds the finishing touch to your piece. Polishing is a vital component of the process, guaranteeing the removal of any remnants from the manufacturing process and ensuring that your jewelry embarks on its journey with a brilliant, shining appearance.

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