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About Us

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Our Story

Born and raised in Davis, Diego Rodriguez-V and Jose L. Lopez have not only grown up as members of the community but also grown up in the Jewelry industry.


Between the two there is nearly 30 years of experience as not only salesmen but jewelers, at the previously voted Best of YOLO de Luna Jewelers which after 48 years has closed.


As new young business owners and jewelers, we at Lu’Ro Jewelers will strive to meet the pinnacle of success that was enjoyed by so many wonderful people at de Luna jewelers. As your local jewelers we will focus on bringing you the quality repairs and restorations to your jewelry and watches, and provide you with other services such as custom designs, engraving, appraisals, and consignment opportunities.


Our goal will be to grow and create for you a friendly family like environment that we can all enjoy.

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